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 My review, exploit report and few suggestions

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My review, exploit report and few suggestions Empty
PostSubject: My review, exploit report and few suggestions   My review, exploit report and few suggestions I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 21, 2010 8:37 pm

Hi DL.PIGGY, I and my friends really love your map and have been speading it ever since version 3.8o. Don't get mad at me but I think this is the best DotA-ish map I've ever played, maybe this is much better and more fun than DotA because it's not as frustrating as DotA and anti-maphack is just awesome Very Happy.
What I liked about your map:
1/ Item Combining with basic level system is innovating and intuitive. A huge plus.
2/ Although this game looks like a DotA Clone but every item and hero is an extremely clever mix-and-match job and has a distinctive feeling of them.
3/ Chasing in woods is so thrilling and adventurous.
4/ Anti-maphack works like a charm. I wish you could show Ice Frog this implementation.
5/ This map is pure fun and not baffling as DotA.
This map is truly excellent but it still has some problems:
1/ [Deleted. Noted.]
2/ Marksman Bow's Track ability only works occasionally (to be honest in my experience, it only worked for me 2 out 50 times.
3/ Beacon of Power's Arena Transfer function does not work at all. I think this is great ability but the malfunction turned me down a lot.
Here are my suggestions:
1/ Upgrading time for Time blade 2 is absurd IMHO. I think you should move Frozen Heart recipe to Assault Weaponry and add a recipe for Time Blade 2, the components are up to you :">.
2/ If you can make Arena Transfer function work, please do not make it free. I think 50 gold fee is sufficient tongue .
3/ A command allowing you to switch side should be very nice.
4/ draft mode should allow you to ban heroes like DotA.
Please don't take my uberly DotA-ish suggestions as offense because I strongly support this map sunny . By the way, does this map offer quests ? I've read somewhere that it has Question .
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My review, exploit report and few suggestions Empty
PostSubject: Re: My review, exploit report and few suggestions   My review, exploit report and few suggestions I_icon_minitimeMon Feb 22, 2010 11:39 pm

First off, thanks alot for the feedback.

Problems :
1. taken note of.
2. Are u sure it doesnt work? it looks fine to me but ill check it out.
3.Arena transfer ONLY works if your avatar is in the Challenge Arena/Colosseum and it only transfers items that are IN the beacon of power not ON the beacon of power. Do try again and keep me informed.

Suggestions :
1. Absurb meaning? too long/too short?
3. Switching sides will not come yet, but ill keep it in mind.
4. While banning Avatars SHOULD be part of drafting, but id like to see drafting reach a certain amount of popularity before i do tweak it. But i always had the suggestion in mind to make an extended draft mode that allowed banning but just nvr got to it XD.

Thanks, let me know what else can be improved.
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My review, exploit report and few suggestions
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